49 weeks a year
Monday - Friday
8am - 6pm
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1pm - 6pm
Pinocchio Nursery
St Cuthbert's Parish Church
Fordwych Road
West Hampstead
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Pinocchio Nursery - Policies

Settling in

   Settling in period is valuable for both parent and child. It gives opportunity to meet the nursery staff who will be caring for the child and helps to build the relationship with parent. This a gradual process will help the parent feel more comfortable and confident in leaving the child for longer periods of time on each visit. The parents are welcomed to stay in nursery as long as they like with their child until they are satisfied that the child has adapted to the new environment and is happy.

Our suggestions for settling in sessions are :

  • 1st day 10.00am – 11.00am   Parent stays for whole session

  • 2nd day 10.00am – 11.00am   Parent leaves after half an hour

  • 3rd day 10.00am – 11.00am   Child stays for whole session
These guidelines are flexible and dependent on individual child’s needs.

Equal Opportunities

   Children and parents are admitted and welcomed at our nursery regardless of gender, culture, colour, race or creed. Our highly qualified staff help children learn about equality and justice through their play using a wide selection of toys, books, etc. The nursery is carefully organised and monitored to ensure all children have access to the full range of activities. Parents are encouraged to share information about their child’s specific needs. Our nursery aims to educate all children in a way that will prepare them for life in a varied, multi-cultural society.

Partnership with Parents

   The relationship between family and nursery is a key to the child’s well-being, development and progress. Our ‘Key Worker’ system based on a two way flow of information offers the best possible care and education to each child. The key worker is a designated staff member looking after your child’s particular age group, who will make careful observation of your child and record these in daily and monthly reports. The reports cover all aspects of the social, physical, intellectual development and general well being of your child. Parents are welcome to view these reports and obtain information about their child’s progress at all times.

Special Needs

   Policy ensures that every child whom is registered in our nursery will be taken as an individual and will not be excluded or disadvantaged in any way throughout their care with us in relation to their special educational needs, disabilities or individual abilities. Children with special needs admitted to the nursery after consultation between their parents and the nursery. Our aim and desire is to accommodate and respond to the individual needs of each child wherever possible.
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